Fort Myers Crowns: CEREC Technology

Fort Myers Crowns: CEREC Technology

Cerec Crowns in One Office Visit


Dental work in a day that previously took weeks. Now in Fort Myers, CEREC dental restorations is a complete restorative system that allows us to create beautiful and durable all ceramic dental work in just one visit.  Using 3D imaging to take  impressions of your teeth, your restoration is created on the computer screen by The Dental Office of Scott Trettenero DDS.  Then it is cut out of a block of industrialized ceramic with our high speed micro milling machine.
Not only does the dental procedure save time and energy, it also means that you don’t have to wear temporaries and come back for another appointment to have them removed.  CEREC enables us to restore teeth with some of dentistry’s finest materials.  Our ceramics are some of the most attractive and durable available.

If you live in Fort Myers and you need dental work, consider visiting The Dental Office of Scott Trettenero, DDS for CEREC dental restorations!

Just look at some more of the advantages of CEREC dental restorations

  • No messy impressions to make you gag.
  • Minimal tooth removal possible.
  • The most natural looking Fort Myers crowns.
  • All ceramic, no metal!


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At our dental care clinic in Fort Myers, crowns can be done in one appointment with the same precision as a laboratory!