A Fort Myers Dentist with a 98.9% Approval Rate

Let our patients tell you why Dr. Trettenero, is their Fort Myers dentist of choice. Our Ft. Myers dental clinic has received over 1,000 certified five star reviews.

Fort Myers Dentistry and Heart Health

Studies have found that people with poor dental care, including periodontal disease, abscessed teeth, and failing root canals, are almost twice as likely to have heart disease

The New PerioLase for Gum Disease

The LANAP protocol is the only laser gum disease treatment that is FDA cleared. Simply put, the LANAP protocol is a non-invasive laser that will re-grow the tissues and bone lost to gum disease.

A Fort Myers Dentist That Masters Painless Injections

I love to be able to give my patients a painless injection. I think I get more response to this procedure than anything else I do for my Fort Myers dental patients.

This educational website offers a series of recorded videos provided by our Fort Myers dentist. We are always adding to our video library so check back periodically to see additional videos added to your selection. Please take a moment and watch one or two videos and learn how our Fort Myers dental office is different from other local dental clinics.

Meet Our Fort Myers Dentist, D. Scott Trettenero, DDS

The goal is to help each of our dental patients experience the confidence and success in life that can result from having a beautiful smile.

Dentist Scott Trettenero is a long time member of the American Dental Association, Florida Dental Association, West Coast Dental Association, and a charter member of the prestigious Florida Prosthetic Study Club since 1985.

There are many Fort Myers dentists but few with such a prestigious list of credentials.

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Dr. Trettenero’s unique blend of people skills, technological dental expertise, personal integrity, and state of the art Fort Myers Florida Dental office are key elements that sets us apart from other Fort Myers dentists. Unlike most other dentists, Dr. Trettenero operates one of the top dental practice in Ft Myers Florida and has created an environment that gives his patients a calm assurance knowing their dentistry will be done with the highest quality care and professionalism.

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Of adults age 30 years or older have periodontal disease.

According to a recent study by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Of adults age 65 years or older have periodontal disease.

In the same study by the CDC, periodontal disease increases rapidly as we age.

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Of heart attacks are triggered by a mouth infection.

Researchers have found that people with bad dental care are almost twice as likely to have heart disease.

Meet Our Fort Myers Dentistry Staff

Fort Myers Dental Services

Fort Myers Dental Office with 3D X-rays

The 3-D image produced by this dental technology is incredibly helpful in uncovering hidden infections or pathology that conventional x-rays would miss.

Fort Myers Invisalign – Clear Braces

A modern approach to teeth straightening, Invisalign uses a series of custom-made dental aligners created Just for you.

Fort Myers Teeth Cleaning: Oral Health

Teeth cleaning is part of oral hygiene and involves the removal of dental plaque from teeth with the intention of preventing cavities (dental caries), gingivitis, and periodontal disease.

Fort Myers Dentistry

Located off Daniels Road in Fort Myers Florida. Call D. Scott Trettenero, DDS (239) 277-7007

Periodontal Laser – Fort Myers Gum Disease

If you live in Fort Myers and you have periodontal gum disease, you have an amazing option in gum disease treatment.

Secrets of Painless Injections

I love to be able to give my patients a painless injection. I think I get more response to this procedure than anything else I do.

Happy clients talk about our dental office

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Our Fort Myers dentist offers a wide range of dental procedures to help you get the perfect smile