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There are many Fort Myers dentists?

Choosing the right dentist is a very important decision that will affect your oral health and your overall well being. When it comes to Fort Myers dentistry, it is a choice that one should not take lightly. There are many factors that need to be explored in order to make the decision that is right for you.
Some of us are so daunted, we simply avoid dentistry altogether. This is not a smart strategy. According to the federal government’s “Healthy People” program, studies link poor oral health to chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Regular visits to your Fort Myers dentist play a significant role in preventing these conditions.

What should I look for when researching the best Fort Myers dentist?

Look for these five qualities in
choosing the best Fort Myers dentist:

1. Leader in Fort Myers
Dental Technology

Fort Myers dentist, Dr Trettenero has been on the leading edge of Fort Myers dental technology for his entire career. He was the first in SW Florida to offer CEREC, crown technology. He was also one of the first to implement digital x-rays that dramatically lowered radiation exposure. Doctor Trettenero was also the first Fort Myers dentist to use a digital intra-oral scanner to take impressions for all his dental crowns and bridges. He recently added a 3D CT scanner to his long list of impressive dental technologies.

2. Providing a Dentistry
Practice in Fort Myers Florida

The Dental Office of D. Scott Trettenero, DDS has been providing a high level of Fort Myers Florida dental care for over 40 years and has always kept up to date with the latest advances in materials and procedures. He is a charter member of the prestigious Florida Prosthetic Study Club founded in 1985 by world renowned dentist Dr Peter Dawson. He has written many articles for major dental journals and has written two books. His latest book, Master the Mystery of Human Nature: Resolving the Conflict of Opposing Values helps to explain our differences and how to handle conflict.

3. A Friendly and Responsive
Dental Staff

A visit to your Fort Myers dentist is not high on most people’s list of favorite activities. While you can’t necessarily determine the treatment you’ll need in advance, you can determine the quality of the dental staff experience by choosing a dental office offering a streamlined appointment process, pleasant interaction and a billing process that accepts most insurance plans. You can read about other patients experiences by their testimonials. Dr Trettenero has over 1,000 online reviews and has a 99% approval rating.

4. A Clean and Modern Fort Myers
Dental Office

Most people believe restaurant restrooms are good indicators of kitchen cleanliness. The same might be said for the dentist’s office. If the surroundings are clean and modern, and the magazines current, chances are good the same can be said for the dental equipment and dental care. The Dental Office of D. Scott Trettenero, DDS has been created with patient comfort in mind. Our Fort Myers dental patients always comment on how nice and homey the dentist office is.

5. A Fort Myers Dentist Who Is
Caring and Compassionate

This is the most subjective but also the most important criteria for choosing a Fort Myers Florida dentist. Dr Trettenero initiated a study of patient’s concerns to find out about patient satisfaction in Fort Myers dentistry. Out of all the dimensions of dental service, patients rated empathy of their dentistry and staff as their highest value when determining quality. Over 6000 patients were surveyed from 81 different general dentistry practices across the country. The Dental Office of D. Scott Trettenero, DDS has taken his research and knowledge of this subject and applied it to his everyday practice. If you are looking for a Fort Myers dentist that will provide you the best in general dentistry, the best in dental technology, with over 40 years of experience, and a leader in his field, then look no more. Choosing The Dental Office of D. Scott Trettenero, DDS might be one of the best choices you ever made.